Answered Prayer

Share the good news! Here are some healing stories submitted through the
Testimonial Box located between the Besa Pies and the Guardian Angel statue.
Collated by Ms. Sheng Carpiso

Dr. Donimadin Ventura

November 25, 2016

I was once lost in darkness, became poor and addicted to drugs. I am an optometrist by profession, then I became Dean of College of Optometry in Baguio City. My family went abroad and left me alone. I felt I've lost everything – my career, my family and relatives. I became a vagabond - lost in life so I turned to drugs and I became addicted. Our Lady of Lourdes came to me. I heard Mass on February 3, 2002 and since then I always come here to attend Mass. I tried to change myself and tried to move on again. Now I am working abroad for 11 years. Thanks to Our Lady of Lourdes for the help.

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