Answered Prayer

Share the good news! Here are some healing stories submitted through the
Testimonial Box located between the Besa Pies and the Guardian Angel statue.
Collated by Ms. Sheng Carpiso

Fra Pienno Maria Germino, NFB

November 25, 2016

Our community was founded on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes in 2000, the Jubilee year of our redemption. Since our foundation, Our Lady had showered us with many graces, spiritual and temporal.

One of the specific graces that we received is the daily sustenance of our community which we get only through Divine Providence and Mary’s maternal intercession. We also underwent challenges and had been victorious with her help.

As we celebrate the 14th year of Our Fadal today, we are very grateful to Mary. May she continue to plead for us before the face of her Son Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

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